iMessage for PC – Possible to use on Windows 10?

When it comes to a messaging app, nothing can beat the features offered by iMessages! Yes, there are some other alternatives available, but iMessage is something out of the world! I don’t own a Mac, and the zeal of using iMessages pushed me to look for some ways so that I can install it on my Windows PC.

I’ve heard some of my friends using iMessage on windows, and it fueled the fire in me to install the app right away in the PC to join their messaging group. After researching for tons of ways available online, I found out that there is no possible way to use iMessage on Windows. Though there are some emulators available, installing them is not a good idea of you want your safety to remain intact.

iMessage on PC – Is It Really Possible?

iMessage for windows pc

When you search for iMessage on Windows PC, you will get a plethora of articles claiming to help you in installing the app right away. I was also convinced by one of the top-ranking websites that promise a sure-shot way to get the app.

Here are the solutions I tried along with the explanation of why they didn’t work:

The first solution was using the Chrome Remote Desktop or some other remote desktop tool. But this only works if you have a Mac lying in your home. The solution requires you to use iMessage on your Mac and then access it’s remotely with your Windows PC.

Well, if someone has a Mac there are fewer possibilities that he would try to install iMessage on Windows PC. Do you own a Mac? If not, then this solution is not for you. The other solution was using an iPadian, which is a famous emulator that promises to install iOS apps in your Windows PC.

After researching about the emulator, I got to know that it is merely a false claim, and nothing else. Installing iPadian will not help you in any way, despite eating a lot of RAM of your PC. So iPadian was also a big no for me, and I suggest you not install this emulator on your PC. In a nutshell, using iMessage on a Windows PC is not possible with the current solutions available. Also, there is no possibility of any upcoming solutions.

Alternatives of iMessage for Windows 10 PC:

iMessage doesn’t work on Windows PC, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot chit-chat with your friends and family. There are some other applications available, and you can use them to message any of your mates across the globe.

1. WhatsApp:


I am sure you might be using WhatsApp on your phone, as it is one of the best messaging applications available out there. You can use WhatsApp on your Windows PC as well. All you have to do is click on the link, and scan the barcode from your phone. You will see an option in your WhatsApp application as WhatsApp web. All the chats will be loaded on your PC, and you can start chatting with your friends right away.

2. Messenger:


You can download Facebook Messenger as it is another solution to iMessage. Messenger is a handy app that comes loaded with a myriad of quality features. You can make groups and can chat with anyone from your friend list.

3. Viber:


Viber is also available for free, and you can download it from Microsoft Store. With Viber, you can send instant messages provided that the recipients also have Viber installed in their device. You can even use the same account in your smartphone, and in your PC for added ease.

4. Skype:


Get Skype to send messages to your beloved across the globe. You can even make calls using Skype, and it is an excellent alternative for FaceTime. You can download Skype for free, but some features like calling on phone numbers require you to pay some amount just like paying for regular telephone service.

Is There Any Possibility That iMessage Will be Available for Windows?

iMessage for pc

Currently, there is no possibility that iMessage will be available for Windows PC. So you should stop waiting for it. Use any of the messaging applications suggested above to remain in touch with your loved ones. However, if you want only to use the iMessage app, then the only solution is to get a Mac, and that can cost you a whopping amount of money.

Can I get iPhone text messages on my PC?

Yes, there are a few ways to get iPhone messages on PC. One is to use an app like AirDroid, which will let you see all of your phone’s text messages on your computer. Another way is to use a program like iMessage, which will let you send and receive text messages from your computer.

How do I get iMessage on Google Chrome?

There is no way to get iMessage on Google Chrome. Apple’s messaging platform is only available on devices that are running iOS or macOS.

Final Words:

Stop searching for any other ways to use iMessage on Windows PC, and start with other available messaging apps.  Similarly, FaceTime isn’t available for Windows, so you cannot use it now. Are you able to install iMessage on your Windows PC? Do let me know what method you followed. I would love to explore a solution that remained hidden from me. Leave your replies in the comment section.

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