How to Get Instagram Dark Mode?

Applications and Operating Software are constantly updated to gives users a better experience. The updates could either become a hit or be unnoticeable. One of the recent hits is the Instagram Dark Mode. This is preferred by many over the traditional UI. It looks more classy and appealing. It has many more functions but users adopt it mainly for a sense of newness. Unlike app features, it cannot be turned on easily. There are various steps to be followed and minimal system requirements to access the recent update.

What Is The Instagram Dark Mode?

Get Instagram dark mode

Dark Mode does not bring drastic changes to the app. It only changes the color of the app to black and gray. This has proved to be appealing to the masses. Other benefits of this Mode include lesser strain on eyes, battery conservation, and better user experience. Simply put, the Dark Mode is a feature of the OS. The Instagram app is just compatible with this feature. The Mode is available in both, Android and iOS. Therefore, as long as you have a smartphone and the desired OS version, you can unlock the feature.

Steps To Launch Instagram Dark Mode:

Instagram’s Dark Mode has a lot to it than just to look appealing. It offers better contrast for readability and is less harmful to the eyes. Regardless, users love the new update and are swarming to access the new feature. Activating the dark mode could prove to be a hassle. Here are a few easy steps to help you activate Instagram dark mode:

1. Check Your Android’s Version:

First and foremost, it is important to check whether you have Android 10 or not. Instagram Dark Mode can only be used if you have version 10 of Android. The feature is not inherent to the app. Rather, the app is compatible with the Dark Theme of android. If you have bought the latest smartphone, you will have the required version. If you are using an older smartphone, you need to check whether the version can be updated or not. If version 10 is not available in your device, you cannot use the Dark Mode.

Instagram dark mode on android

2. Visit The Settings

If you already have Android 10, you can activate the Dark Mode. To activate the feature, visit Settings and then open the Display option. Under the Display, you have to select ‘Dark Theme.’ On choosing the theme, Instagram will also be displayed in Dark Mode. Therefore, you require your OS to have a dark theme feature.

Other Way To Launch the Instagram Dark Mode:

If you have Android 10, Dark Mode is launched through Battery Saving Mode, too. Visit Settings and then, the Battery option. Switch on the Battery Saver. This feature optimizes battery usage by closing the apps in the background. It also performs such other tasks that will help in making the battery last longer. Since Dark Mode saves battery life, you will automatically launch Instagram Dark Mode.

How Long Can The Dark Mode Be Used?

After choosing the Dark Theme or Battery Saver option, you can visit the Instagram app. The app will already have its UI in Dark Mode. You can scroll the app in the Dark Mode without any interruption. It does not affect the working of the app though, in Battery Saver Mode it might become slow. The Dark Mode in Instagram will remain active as long as either of the options is open.

How To Get Instagram Dark Mode in iOS?

Instagram dark mode in iOs

As android smartphones require version 10, iOS requires version 13 for Dark Mode. Therefore, you will need to check whether your iPhone has iOS 13 or not. If you have the required version:

  • Visit the phone’s settings.
  • Select the ‘Display and Brightness’ option.
  • Change the theme to ‘Dark.’
  • Open Instagram and use it in Dark Mode.

There is not much difference between the two operating software. Thus, you will require either Android 10 or iOS 13 to experience Dark Mode. Only these two latest OS platforms have the option to launch Instagram Dark Mode. It is beneficial as it is less harmful to the eyes. Moreover, it reduces battery usage and gives a classy look. Launch the Dark Mode now and experience Instagram like never before.

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