iPhone 11 Not Working Problems – Best Solutions to Fix

iPhone 11 comes with a dual-camera capturing system to give you a more lovable and scenic view. It also provides a high-quality video to collect and preserve customers’ memories. Moreover, it is giving 12 mega-pixel and 100% focus pixel wide sensor camera facility along with another 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera feature.

List of iPhone 11 Not Working Problems Faced By Users:

Best solutions for iPhone 11 not working

As soon as a large number of people are adopting this mobile, its issues are being revealed. People are holding a high expectation for this new model of iPhone series and a list of issues is reducing that expectation among customers. Here I am giving a list of problems based on customer reviews that are decreasing its market valuation:

  • Some customers are complaining that the phone activation method takes about 40 minutes to 2 hours. Successful activation does not happen and it is also experiencing a software crash.
  • It is instantly getting frozen after opening and hence stuck on a blank screen with the logo of apple. Besides this, a progress bar is constantly processing, however, it is not finished. After copying data from old to new iPhone or after activation, this issue has been started.
  • Another common problem is, when an individual tries to unlock the phone, it provides an alert to try in another 1 or 4 or 10 minutes. Consumers getting panicked as they are providing the right password every time.
  • Some users stated that charging cable is not properly connecting and therefore it is not possible to charge up the phone. It means the lightning port of the iPhone has been blocked.
  • In the case of transferring data from old to new iPhones, it stuck in the middle of the procedure and users have no idea how long it may take.
  • One of the most vital issues is that iPhone 11 is getting hot after a few-minutes of uses. It becomes tough to bear up the heat for users.
  • After restoring a backup from iTunes, this phone model getting stuck on a white screen along with a “Hello” and some users have suffered from this issue for 3 hours.
  • In order to create an Apple ID, iPhone 11 takes a lot of time (For evidence, some users have reviewed that it is taking up to 2 hours).
  • This iPhone model also has a rebooting issue which is caused by software crashing issues during boot procedure or shrinking of internal phone memory.
  • An iPhone user cannot connect phone Bluetooth along with other compatible devices. Moreover, it also creates a problem at the time of connecting it along with an Apple watch or car.
  • Another issue is that the navigation system of this specific model cannot be connected along with the speaker in the car.

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Quick fix Recommendation for overcoming the All mentioned issues:

It is not possible to solve all the above-mentioned issues through any quick-fix solution method. However, a consumer may use the following recommended steps to make a simple effort:

  • For fixing the activation issue, a user can send an activation request message from the phone to Apple and if no reply is arriving then it is better to contact the carrier immediately.
  • In case of the frozen logo on the screen, a quick restart is suggested and if it does not work then go to Apple Support Center for help.
  • For mitigating charging-cable issues, try a reboot on phone or use a flashlight to check that charging port properly.

It is highly recommended that go to Apple Store for an ultimate solution as all the mentioned recommendations are only a suggestion which is based on user reviews.

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