Top 17 Best Kodi Builds 2020 [Updated & 100% Working]

Kodi builds are undertaken as the most compatible device which is line up with FireStick, Windows, Android mobiles, Mac. With the help of Kodi Build, we can install all requirements that are needed to run Kodi with one click. It includes add-ons, skins, settings, and electronic programs for guiding among others. Generally, when Kodi is installed on the device you are using, you will be allowed to take the time to customize it on your way.



By using Kodi Build, it becomes easier for one to access settings and add-ons, and various skins are also available. What are you waiting for? After using this, you will get to know that Kodi Build is the easiest way to download stream content sufficiently and quickly.

What is Kodi Builds?

Kodi Build helps to set up Kodi and turns it into the ultimate streaming center. You must be happy to know that Kodi builds is software which is based on a media center and it can be accessed by many operating systems.

List of Best Kodi Builds – Features & Using Guide

There are many Kodi builds which are quite popular among these top 17 best Kodi Builds in November 2019 and some of these are presented to you:

1. Xanax Kodi Build

It works with Kodi 18 Leia (up to v18.4) and Kodi 17.6 Krypton. Users who are using Kodi Build for a large time probably remember a popular Kodi Build such as Durex. Durex has many add-ons that are updated often. Thus, this is a reason behind the popularity of Durex. However, with time, this build has disappeared and it has been some time that it is replaced by Xanax. Durex has been replaced by Xanax and this is the latest iteration of Durex.

Xanax Kodi Build

Not only that! Xanax is a build that is highly optimized and comes with dozens of add-ons that are highly popular. Users who open it for the first time, you will be able to find out a series of subcategories and categories. In Xanax, there is an option for you to choose from TV shows, movies, content which are family-friendly, TV channels which show live sports, free and paid TV channels and more. There are selected APK packages; it is useful when Kodi is installed in your Android device. At this moment Xanax is one of the best Kodi builds available in the market.

A repository name & build size:

Build Name Repository/ Wizard Name  Build Size
Stealth SG repository 264
Lobo One nation Repository 156
Aeon Tesla Tesla builds repository 150
Xontech Light AJ repository 371
Turbo TurboJ TV Repository 260
Aeon Tesla Tesla builds repository 150
Durex Durex Wizard 470
Titanium Supreme builds 120
Xenon Kodigeeks Wizard 405
Equinox Genie TV Repo (Wizard) 410
Fire TV Guru Fire TV Guru Repo (Wizard 335
Warlock Warlock Wizard 100
Atomic Reborn Atomic Reborn 410
Pulse CCM Fire TV Guru 182
Wookie Wookie Repo and Wizard 200

Lobo Kodi is the fastest Kodi that is built and available in the market till today. It is available in the Repository of one nation and is a Kodi build which is new and which is released in the first week of September. It delivers a mind-blowing performance. This build is suitable for a low RAM device which includes Roku, firestick, and Android TV boxes. The build size is around 156 Mb. So one should make sure that there is a minimum free space of 300Mb before this build is installed. Though the size of this is higher than other builds of warlock, its performance is much better than warlock build. Since this is a build which is a newly released the scrappers and add-ons are working great and they are updated at regular intervals. The fetching speed of the link is also good when compared. Mostly streams are working great without facing any issue. A bit similar interface is Ares build.

How to utilize Kodi build safely?

At this moment, Kodi can be available for operating systems such as iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and Mac OS X. It can be analyzed that Kodi can be installed on a personal computer and favorite media can be streamed. Moreover, this can be found that Kodi can be installed on a tablet, iPhone and Android phone, and thus content can be enjoyed.

However, it is not the end! Nowadays, most streaming boxes of the TV at its base OS use Android, thus Kodi can be installed in them and you may enjoy free streaming content. Monthly subscription fees will not be needed! There are various TV boxes and some of them may include Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Fire TV of Amazon is recommended since it is not expensive, does not have the better processing power, and it is powerful. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab the opportunity!

Apart from Kodi Builds, one should also have add-ons and Skins. Many people know that there are small add-ons of Kodi that have extended functions of the software. Thus, this software is turned into a powerhouse that is streaming continuously.

2. Innovation Kodi build:

Innovation Kodi build works with Kodi 18.4 Leia and Kodi 18.1 & Kodi 17.6 Krypton. This Wizard of Innovation Kodi Build currently says about two builds and those are Innovation Colors Adult and Innovation Colors Family. Our service does not stop here! These builds also offers plenty of choice in streaming. There is a special version of these builds. The version meant for adults has an extra category for the content which is mature.

Innovation Kodi build

You must be happy to know that both these builds mentioned above have a size that is suitable for a wide range of Kodi devices. One can also find an effective and small library of functions of add-ons of Kodi which includes The Magic Dragon, Loki, Numbers, and Deceit and many more.

The builds interface is user-friendly. A home window has to stream for movies that set trend and some shows are also available. Thus further add-ons are explored for more content. People may be familiar with the sub-menu bar and menu-bar combination layout. Not only that! You must be excited to know that the menu bar layout gives an easy way to build, explore and navigate. Thus one can opt for Innovation Kodi Build as it offers many attractive features and it is also user-friendly.

Why should you use a VPN with Kodi?

People must not use illegal add-ons of Kodi and these are Dangerous without using a VPN. Most of the users of Kodi are installing Illegal add-ons of Kodi on the systems they use to access the latest TV shows, movies, sports, music, and many things more for free, than add-ons of Kodi which is legal and it has content which is least in it. But what is known is that illegal add-ons are discarded for copyrighted materials. If one is accessing those add-ons on Kodi, then one’s activities will be monitored by one’s ISP and by tracking your IP and information is given to the government or companies who are requesting it. This will get you in trouble. And for staying away from this one has to connect to a VPN. This VPN hides one’s identity by rotating the IP address but steaming the content of Kodi. In this manner, you will be safe from eyes that are preying on you.

VPNs are used to avoid trouble with Law Enforcement. Reality is that using illegal add-ons that provide access to everything starting from everything from live sports events, the latest Hollywood movies, is one of the reasons why people are using this software. By using Kodi VPN you can stream, browse and download anonymously. When VPN is used ISP is not tracked that is, ISP becomes blind to entire traffic but it also makes the server from which content is downloaded blind for identifying the location. The IP address of the server is not tracked because only the VPN server is identified by which traffic is routed.

By using a VPN we can get access to geo-blocked content. When VPN is used there is an option for you to choose a server of any country one wants. After a connection is established with a particular VPN server, geo-restricted add-ons of Kodi will think the person to be a resident of the country that is chosen and content from that particular country will come out. This is an important issue for people who use paid-streaming services such as Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu.

3. Featured Kodi Build:

The creators of Durex bring back this popular building in the form of a new build which is known as Xanax. Xanax has an interface, same layout, and updates that are working with add-ons that are in the updated fashion of Durex. Xanax gives the ability for installing APK of build and also build itself.

Pricing plans:

There is a list of Best Kodi builds which includes Reaper Kodi Build, Xanax Kodi Build, Titanium Kodi Build, Diggz Xenon Kodi Build, BK Nox Kodi Build, No Limits Magic Kodi Build, Red Wizard Kodi Build, Tomb Raider Kodi Build, and Maverick Kodi Build. There are more Kodi Builds as Misfit Mods Lite Kodi Build, Insomniacs Black and Gold Kodi Build, One nation Nebula Kodi Build. All these Kodi Builds mentioned above comes free of cost. These Kodi Builds are free.

All the detailed information is given to you. Now, it’s your choice to select the most appropriate service as per your requirement!

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