LastPass vs 1Password – Which is the Best Password Manager??

We all know the internet is great and all but if there’s one thing that really haunts us always is the thought of losing access to our accounts. The internet is just never safe enough to guarantee the well-being of our accounts. You either change your passwords every once in a while to stay safe or just hope you never get hacked. Or there is another way. That is to set long and super difficult passwords that have no chance of getting hacked. Yes, this option is much better but how will you remember the lengthy password? You just cannot write it anywhere otherwise it might get misplaced and misused.

LastPass VS 1Password

The best workaround to this problem is to use a trusted password manager like Lastpass or 1Password to store your strong and lengthy passwords for easy remembering. In this article, I’ll be discussing these two services and which one is better for you. If that sounds interesting, let’s hop into it.

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LastPass vs 1Password: What are password managers?

LastPass VS 1Password

I know I already discussed a little about this above but it’s for those who have little to no idea what these services are for. Password managers are kind of safe lockers where you can store your passwords for easy remembering. Otherwise, it gets tough to keep them in mind. You would sooner or later lose track of your passwords, which can prove to be really unsafe. I highly recommend using a password manager to keep your long and strong passwords safe and within quick reach. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Now let’s review each of the two services thoroughly.

Lastpass Features:


LastPass doesn’t come with a huge price tag, it’s simple to operate and most importantly, it’s totally secure. Apart from that, it has some great features including:


Lastpass vault is basically a whole room for all your passwords. The vault contains all of your passwords in a single place and you can access your vault by logging in to the service. Not only that, in your vault, you can also store your credit card information, secure notes, etc.


The autofill features really save you time online for various tasks. For example, once autofill is enabled you can visit websites and have your correct information automatically filled out on the fields. Those can be passwords, addresses, usernames, etc. It stores your information into one place and lets it all out while filling forms.

Digital wallet

The digital wallet is all about payment related stuff. It can store your payment information and carry out transactions digitally. Whenever you want to make transactions, you can just access your Lastpass digital wallet and there you’ll find your payment information. This eliminates the hassle of carrying your wallet everywhere. And don’t worry, it is completely secure.

LastPass user interface

Password manager

Never fill your brain with all of your lengthy passwords. Instead, use Lastpass’s password manager to store all your complicated passwords and access them instantly. Usually, it is humanly impossible to remember everything so thank God we have tools like this for a quick fix.

Password generator

Most of the times when setting passwords, we tend to set something that is familiar with us. However, this can prove to be still risky because someone close to you might know things about you and your likings. That’s why this password generator can quickly generate a random and super strong password for you that is pretty much impossible to guess.

Username generator

Just like the above feature, this feature is almost as same except it is meant for usernames. You can instantly let this tool generate a random and secure username for you to use anywhere.


With the last passes authenticator, you can enable one-click password verification for your favorite sites so you can easily log into them without remembering any of your credentials. Plus, it is fully secure and requires verification so you know you’re safe.

Lastpass pricing

As I mentioned above, Lastpass is very affordable and generous when it comes to their pricing. They have various plans such as:

  1. Free ($0/month)
  2. Premium ($3/month)

Here are the features of these two plans:

LastPass subscribtion benefits

  1. Families ($4/month)
  2. Teams ($4/user/month)
  3. Enterprise ($6/user/month)
  4. MFA ($3/user/month)
  5. Identity ($8/user/month)

Here are the features of these 5 plans:


The free version great features to start with and allow one user only. The premium plan to allows only one user but the family plan allows 6 users. Moving on, the team’s plan allows up to 50 users, the enterprise, MFA and identity plans allow 5+ users. They all have great features that you can check out here.

1Password Features:


1Password too has fantastic features worth talking about. Here are some of them:

Straightforward login

1Password has a super simple login process that is really helpful for the non-techy out there. I would say it is much simpler than Lastpass and all you do is visit their website and click on the password vault icon to access all of your saved information. As an option, you can also install their browser extension for ever-faster access.

Various stuff to store

Other than passwords you can store various other information such as documents, license, account numbers, social security numbers and a lot more. This gives you the feeling of having all of your stuff in one single place.


Separate vaults

It is terrible to see things jumbled up and that’s why 1Password provides you the ability to create various separate vaults (or categories) for your information. For example, you can store your passwords into one place and other information such as documents into others. This helps you organize things better.

1Password pricing

The pricing is a lot similar to Lastpass and it looks like this:

  1. 1Password ($2.99/month)
  2. 1Password Families ($4.99/month)

Here are the features of these two plans:

1Password pricing and plans

  1. Teams ($3.99/user/month)
  2. Business ($7.99/user/month)
  3. Enterprise (Reach out to them for a quote)

And here are the features of these 3 plans:

LastPass pricing and plans

A great thing about their pricing is, you get an option to try any of the plans out completely free for 30 days. This way you can decide better if the plan is right for you or not. In overall, all of the plans include these extra features:

  • Unlimited devices support
  • Digital wallet for instant payment information access
  • 100% privacy
  • Superb 24/7 support
  • Travel mode that protects sensitive information while crossing different territories

Those are some great features right there.


I believe since both the services offer kind of similar and then unique features, it is up to you to decide which features are more required by you. So that was it from this article. I hope you are able to make a better decision now. Thanks for reading!

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