LastPass vs Dashlane – 2020 Comparison & Review

The top 2 password managers are LastPass vs Dashlane. You will find that there are millions of users of these password managers. But if we have to select the best password manager then we need to compare different factors. So here is a comparison between the two which will help us decide on the best password manager.

Introduction of the Password Managers:


Before we start comparing the features of these password managers let us just quickly look at the similarities of these two password managers. Both these password managers are from US-based companies. Both have good ratings and both these password managers have free versions.

Lastpass vs Dashlane

LastPass vs Dashlane – Features

Features of Dashlane:


  • Along with normal monitoring, Dashlane offers dark web monitoring. This dark web can be accessed only through special software and it has several stolen passwords. Dashlane will scan the dark web and if required then it will notify the user to change the password.
  • Credit monitoring is offered to Premium Plus subscribers.
  • Passwords can be imported from Safari and Firefox on Mac and Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows.
  • Premium subscribers also get a free Virtual Private Network. The VPN feature is available in version 6 of Dashlane.
  • It has unlimited password storage and it also has an auto password changer
  • Multiple passwords can be changed at once.
  • It has 2-factor authentications but it does not have fingerprint and facial recognition.
  • You can add multiple users and can share your password securely. You will be alerted if there you need to change the password.
  • It makes use of AES-256 encryption and to prevent password cracking they make use of Agron2d encryption
  • It has the receipt capture feature. The screenshot of all the receipts of online shopping will be taken automatically and these images will be stored in a separate folder in the user vault.
  • It has an inbox scan feature. In this Dashlane will scan the email inbox to check if credentials like username and password have been shared by email so that the user can change the same in order to prevent any unauthorized use of the same.
  • In the Premium Plus plan Dashlane offers identity theft insurance. So if your identity is stolen then you can claim legal fees and several million dollars for your loss.
  • It has local as well as cloud storage. If the user wants then he can disable the cloud storage option.
  • Emergency contact feature which helps if you forget your password
  • It provides 1 GB storage and individual files cannot be more than 50 MB.
  • It has Yubikey support

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Features of Lastpass:


  • LastPass mainly focuses on password management. Passwords can be imported from Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.
  • When it comes to changing the passwords you will find that the process is very tedious as compared to Dashlane.
  • In addition to two-factor authentication, Lastpass has biometric multi-factor authentication. This included fingerprint authentication and facial authentication.
  • Here too you can add multiple users and can share the passwords securely. You will be notified if the password is compromised.
  • It makes use of AES-256 encryption and to prevent password cracking they add PBKDF2 SHA-256.
  • Lastpass has dark web scanning and they also have credit monitoring.
  • Lastpass gives 1 GB storage which is similar to Dashlane
  • There are some important features that we find in the list of Dashlane but LastPass does not have them. These are VPN, receipt capture, inbox scan, and identity theft insurance. Dashlane has these additional features but Lastpass does not have these extra features.

So when it comes to features we find that Dashlane outshines Lastpass.

User experience:

  • You will find that downloading and installing Dashlane is not difficult. You will be able to manage it easily. But yes the extra features are not there in the app but you will find it only on the website. But overall using this password manager was easy.
  • In the case of Lastpass, the setup is a bit more complicated as compared to Dashlane. But LastPass too is easy to use.
  • So if we compare both the password managers for the user-experience we realize that both are easy to use but the setup process of Dashlane is easier as compared to Lastpass.

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  • Both password managers have free versions. Naturally, the free versions will have limited features as compared to the paid version.
  • The cost of the individual plan of Dashlane is in the range of $59.88 to $119.88. This will be the annual cost. They also have a business plan. The monthly cost per user of this plan is $48.
  • The annual cost of Lastpass’s Individual plan is $36. They also have a family plan. The annual cost of this plan is $48 and it allows 6 users. They have two types of business plans. The first one is a $48 plan for a team of 50 people or less. The second one is $72 for teams of all sizes.
  • Dashlane is thus more expensive as compared to Lastpass. But the number of features that Dashlane has is more as compared to Lastpass.
  • In the case of Dashlane when you take a paid plan you will be able to store unlimited passwords on multiple devices. You will also get features like security alerts, a dark web scan, a VPN, and secure storage. In their premium plans, you get credit monitoring and identity theft insurance. In their business plan, you get all the features and also some additional tools. They have only annual subscriptions.
  • Lastpass has family plans as well as business plans. They have more competitive rates. They too have only annual plans.

Customer support:

  • Dashlane has an online help center. They offer chat support and email support. They do not have phone support. But according to some users, they reply to email usually within 24 hours.
  • Lastpass has only an online help center. Customers have to submit their requests here. They do not have phone, email or chat support.
  • When it comes to customer support Dashlane is surely better than Lastpass.

LastPass vs Dashlane – Overview

Dashlane VS LastPass comparison table


Dashlane is expensive as compared to Lastpass but it has more features, it is easy to set up and use and it also has better customer support. So naturally, the vote goes to Dashlane. But for users who are looking for budget options may try Lastpass.

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