Lastpass vs. KeePass – Which is the Safe & Secured Password Manager?

Online security has always plagued the mind of all customers out there, especially in this era of digitization in operations. The presence of cyber attackers all over the world, waiting to hack and access information raises the need for online security resulting in several users to compare password management tools of LastPass and KeePass available in the global market.

Lastpass vs. KeePass:


1. Features

The first feature which is sought for by customers out there is the setup of the software. Is the setup easy? Will it help me? LastPass vault is a very much straightforward database that involves the use of a master password and a key file that is used to access the hierarchy of data vaults. Similar features are present in the case of KeePass. However, unlike KeePass, LastPass is featured by its automatic cloud backup, online synchronization of data, local encryption and decryption of the database, automatic security monitoring, seamless along with multiple export and fingerprint verification options. Such features, let it ensure more quality of service as compared to technology like 1Password in the market.


Just like the LastPass, KeePass is known for its multifactor authentication allowing authentication of Google account along with Microsoft app in the desktop and mobile system. It further involves the use of a powerful encryption algorithm for making the passwords unbreakable along with multiple sync options such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Torrent Sync. Moreover, the database setup is a form of intuitive categorization of files, which provides the quicker search of files in the system.


KeePass password safe

2. Lastpass vs KeePass: Security

LastPass involves the use of 256bit AES encryption for the security of data. This military-grade encryption is implemented with the use of C++ and Java Scripting in the data files. Moreover, it creates One-Time-Password (OTPs) to gain access to public and unauthorized places. This along with the automatic security monitoring of the security system of the software, leads LastPass users to gain internet security to a certain extent. However, previous users of LastPass have raised questions regarding the online security of the software. The dissatisfaction among the customers rose especially with the password sharing feature and raised the concern of several LastPass users regarding the extent of security provided by the software.

This is where KeePass takes away the winning cup of providing online security. Like LastPass, KeePass uses 256bit encryption of data. However, along with this, it involves the use of a powerful encryption algorithm along with secure auto-filling of passwords. This not only makes the passwords practically unbreakable but also provides the facility of virtual keystrokes and clipboard obscurity which adds on to the security of an online database for all customers in the world.

3. Work on Mobile apps

This is one thing which all millennial customers of the globe look out for when seeking for internet security, especially for mobile phones. It is advisable for these millennial customers to opt for KeePass as compared to LastPass for the security of data. Yes, it is not wrong to admit that LastPass and KeePass both provide mobile app facilities. However, the OTP generated in the case of the LastPass Android app and the automated login option of the app enters the wrong information, rendering this app useless in times of urgent needs.

Lastpass mobile app

On the other hand, KeePass can be very much used in Android mobile phones and is a good online security source to be considered among the millennials in the market. This app of KeePass involves the use of cryptography along with various plug-in features that are available at the KeePass2Android app. Along with this, KeePass involves useful scripting with help of KPSscript plug-in and involves an iosSafari support to enable entering of password among touch screen mobile phones and tablets.

KeePass mobile app

4. Work on internet portals

Another aspect that I would consider as a millennial is the working of this software on internet portals such as Chrome, Linux and Firefox. As an avid user of the Chrome internet portal, I would definitely not consider either of the software if it is not working on the portal. However, customers need not worry as LastPass works on browsing portals such as Opera and can be easily used by all internet surfers out there in the market. However, KeePass is not a bad option either since it provides multiple sync options. This means it can be used on Chrome, Opera, and Safari and even by Linux browser users out there in the market.

5. Auto Filling and longevity

Auto filling and longevity of software is another facet considered by customers when buying online security software or app. LastPass is a clear winner when it comes to the auto-filling options since it is user-friendly resulting in one click by the user to get logged into the account. KeePass, on the other hand, involves the use of database entry to open the URL followed by right-clicking entry to Perform Auto-Type proving to be a long process as a whole.

However, in the aspect of longevity, KeePass is a clear winner. This is because unlike LastPass, KeePass is not subjective to computer failures and the multiple export options provided in the case of KeePass make it easier to gain access to backups of data files. Moreover, it is legally recommended software, which adds on to the security to vulnerability and open-source utility of the program.

6. Pricing: Lastpass vs KeePass

KeePass is an online security software program that is available free of cost! However, in the case of LastPass, the trial version package is available at $0. This is followed by two categories of packages – individual and business packages. Individual packages begin from premium package price which is worth $3 per month and can be used by one user only. However, the family package program is available at $4 per month and can be used by 6 users.

Pricing of LastPass VS KeePass

This is followed by business packages that begin at a base price of $3 per month (MFA package) which can go up to $8 per month. However, the best business package is the Team package which is available at $4/month and can be used up to 50 users in the organization.

Overall, it is advisable that all those customers who wish to basic online security, free of cost should go for the KeePass security program. However, business entities and organizations along with individuals wishing to opt for advanced internet security should avail of the facilities provided by the LastPass security software program.

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