Best Linux Distros for Windows in 2020

Linux is conventionally associated as being an operating system used by programmers and code developers. Over a couple of years, Linux has done some real attempts to make its products and services more useful among general customers. Different Linux distros can easily work with all Linux applications, software and it also can be run through a browser.

Linux Distro

A vast world of Linux does deliver a multitude of choices for Windows users and we are here to help you by selecting the best Linux Distro that suits your requirements.

Best Linux Distros for Windows 10:

1. Linux Mint

If you are new as a Linux user then Linux Mint is a great default distro option. It comes with different software that you might require while switching from Mac to Windows or vice-versa.


  • Linux Mint software has great support for propriety media formats that allows you to play any kind of MP3 music, videos, and DVDs.
  • You will have three different options to download the fundamental starter flavors of Mint 19. Each of them can be used in various desktop environment and you will be allowed to change elements like the menu or appearance of the Windows by a top-most layer of the interface.
  • Linux Mint is the most worthy software for beginners because of its user-friendliness. It allows you to access the Ubuntu software repository.


  • Ideal for the users who want to switch from Mac/Windows.
  • It has an amazing number of customization options.
  • It consists of a large and supportive community.


  • There are no such pre-installed app

2. Arch Linux

Arch Linux

If you are looking to have a common user-friendly distro, Arch Linux is one of the most prominent options for you. Arch Linux allows you to customize your desktop by applying the terminal to download and install packages.


  • Arch Linux is really a handy option for the developers and for those people who have older machines do not want unnecessary packages.
  • The primary principle of Arch Linux is to make things simple and it is programmed accordingly to ensure all codes are clean and correct.
  • In this distro edition, users can download any additional software that they required. Subsequently, they have the freedom to customize the software according to their needs.
  • Though this distro edition apparently looks complicated, they can get a clean Linux experience with little clutter.


  • Linux Arch has massive potential to customize the software
  • Another version of Linux Arch delivers a more user-friendly setup approach


  • The installation process is a little bit complicated

3. Ubuntu


Unbuntu is one of the most recognized distros of Linux and it is strongly recommended for the users who want easy user-friendly access. Every 6 months, a new Ubuntu version is released and the Ubuntu developer also releases new LTS (long term support) version of this distro.


  • You will have five years of guarantee for the security and general maintenance updates. Through Ubuntu Linux, you can easily carry a systematic upgrade on your machine. You do not need to fully upgrade after a couple of months.
  • The latest LTS version of Ubuntu applies the Gnome 3 desktop environment, it may be less familiar to macOS and Windows users.
  • There are different types of Ubuntu that employ various environments like This version uses a minimal desktop environment that is completely based on a lightweight, fast and LXDE applications.


  • It comes with a stable and secure LTS version
  • It is an amazing option for beginners in terms of accessibility


  • This is not so a great option for daily usage

4. Tails


Tails distro is an appropriate option for privacy-oriented Linux that has the focus to conceal the user’s identity and location. The OS routes all its internet traffic through the anonymizing Tor network.


  • This Linux distro is specially designed to restrict data from being analyzed and intercepted. It has an amazing number of customization options. You can customize the operating system according to your own requirements.
  • Tails have all necessary security measures that are based on Debian Linux and it uses the Gnome desktop model so that the interface remains clear and easy.
  • If you are worrying about privacy-trampling then this niche OS can provide you with a complete solution. It comes with a compact features to secure your privacy.


  • It can provide a wide number of features on privacy and security
  • This distro has maintained a user-friendly  UI


  • It counts as a niche OS

5. CentOS


CentOS is a community offshoot platform of the Red Hat Linux version and it is primarily focused on the stability rather than continuous updates. The maintenance and security updates of CentOS is quite similar to Red Hat Linux.


  • CentOS has uniquely designed to be a super-reliable option that is why it becomes a great choice for the server. This is not a good option for any new OS user for daily purpose use on laptop or desktop PC.
  • This distro version is an ideal option for a server and it is highly developed to maintain stability.
  • It consists of a large and supportive community. It can help you by providing all the necessary security and privacy features.
  • This version comes under the main OS version of Red Hat Linux, and thereby it is fully compatible with Red Hat Linux. Hence you can easily use them without giving any charge.


  • User can simply use this version for their server
  • This version is exclusively built to maintain the stability of the system


  • It is not at all good for daily desktop usage

6. Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu Studio

If you are looking for a home music recording studio or if you are looking for a workstation of video production then Ubuntu Studio could be your ultimate choice.


  • Ubuntu studio distro version is officially recognized as a flavor of Ubuntu Linux that has been well designed for both video and audio production.
  • You can use this software as an alternative for paid software like the Pro tool. Through this software, you will have the support of MIDI input and audio plug-ins.
  • This version has a pre-installed virtual patch that allows you to customize the system differently.
  • The Ubuntu Studio repositories have complete access to the package of the operating system as well as it has a few digital-audio sequencers.
  • The prime strength of audio recording tool like the Jack Audio Connection. In this version, you can easily manage your own audio workstation.


  • This is a wonderful alternative for a costly production software
  • You can get support for plug-in and many more
  • It allows you to access different packages in the main OS of Ubuntu


  • The user interface is very much complicated


We have mentioned several Linux distros that you can use for your Windows PC and laptops. All these distro versions provide high-end features including a user-friendly interface and privacy measurements. In fact, there you have few options that also can be used as an audio-video production workstation.

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