Movierulz – Can We Stream Movies on it?

If you are mad about Tollywood, Bollywood & Hollywood movies, you will often be advised to download and watch movies online on Movierulz. But I would say don’t even think of doing that! Recent news has come up with piracy and leakage of movies online from Movierulz. So if you wish to know the reasons why you should watch movies on Movierulz, this article will help you!

What is Movierulz?



Now the first question you will ask me like any other curious movie buff is that why is this Movierulz? Is it any good? Is it legal? Movierulz is simply an online app that provides you with streaming services for free. Most people use this app to see the latest movies online. But it is not a legal app or site! So, you shouldn’t watch Movierultz. Rather go opting for its legal alternatives in the market.

Reasons to Stop watching Movies & Videos on MovieRulz:

Like I just said the prime reason why you shouldn’t watch movies online on MovieRulz is that the movies and videos available are pirated and leaked videos! It’s like these people are violating the copyright patents of the production house, so we as responsible citizens need to take action and fight against this piracy. And the best way to fight this piracy is by not watching movies on this site- Movierultz.

However, if you are still watching, I would advise unsubscribing or worse, just stop it right now! People this is not a legal website to watch movie movies let alone a legal app. Anything streamed on this site or app is downright illegal. Don’t believe me? Ever hear of the Kannada movie Love Online? Or the Telugu movie, Dear Comrade? Yes, very nice movies. But, these were leaked online on Movierulz to be downloaded by people. We all need to understand one thing, any site responsible for leaking movies is a website that supports piracy and digital piracy is a punishable offense. It is a crime!

We all know that movies like Kabir Singh, URI, Article 15, Avengers: Endgame or Jawani Janeman did not fare well in the box office and got rate low scores online ending up with low revenues. Ever wondered why? It is all because of the web streaming site – Movierulz! Yes, these movies were leaked online and made available for millions of subscribers to download and watch offline! Researchers revealed that reports from several seniors working in the application of TRIPS and IPs in India stated that India is a victim of copyright piracy.

I say again, stop using this site altogether! As per reports of Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) 200 billion USD was counterfeited in 2005, in which several digital pirated goods were detected and distributed online! Piracy of films is a major reason for losses in production houses and the reason for which several potential actors and artists disappear within the masses. The research revealed that sites like Movierulz account for an annual loss of about 1 billion USD and a loss of 6 million job roles in the film industry!

By watching movies online on Movierulz we are promoting a loss of jobs and profits for our Indian film industry and doing a heinous crime. We may even have to pay in the long run, where we would not get many movies at all. I mean we all know that the rate of Bollywood movies released per Friday has reduced as compared to how many were released in 2017! All because we were watching movies on Movierulz, all of which were pirated stuff. When we see pirated movies leaked online, we come across so many pop-ups, which have great potential to spread viruses and other malicious content. But above all, we are doing something illegal!

Why should you stop watching Movies on MovieRulz?

Many movies leaked online and made available not only to watch online by millions of Movierulz users but also to be downloaded for offline watching. I mean if you go through the Disclaimer section of the terms and conditions policy of the website itself is a Torrent website, and we all know by now that Torrent is famous for its pirated video stuff. It is due to this reason that it keeps changing its web name from time to time! Now you tell me, how this site Movierulz can be considered reliable if it keeps modifying its name time and time again! A recent south Indian film, Shylock, was leaked online on Movierulz. It did so under the code of Shylock Full Movie Download, resulting in millions of movie lovers downloading the movie from Movierulz. It is due to this very reason that this movie could suffer losses in the Telugu film industry!


To sum it up, Movierulz is a Torrent website, which is not safe and famous for leaking movies online, promoting digital piracy in India and abroad. As responsible citizens and entertainment and movie lovers, we must take action against this illegal activity to promote our buddy artists. So, stop watching movies on Movierulz! Let alone downloading them!


1Q. Is it safe to use Movierulz?

Ans: No, Movierulz is not at all safe to use. It is full of pirated videos and hackers who can easily gain access to your account and send malicious content and cookies spreading the virus in your account and device system.

2Q. Is Movierulz legal?

Ans: No, and I repeat, no. Movierulz is not a legal website and it is advisable to stop watching movies online or downloading videos from the same. Piracy and movie leakage is a major reason you shouldn’t watch movies online on Movierulz. So, stop it altogether.

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