How to Activate Netflix Account?

Netflix is the world-renowned entertainment website that offers consumers with top-notch TV shows and Movies for affordable prices. In 2022, Netflix has become the support system for countless individuals because of the coronavirus pandemic.

As people are locked inside their homes, it has become even more important to find outlets that will help to keep us all occupied. Netflix is undoubtedly the go-to entertainment website for people around the world right now. The best part about the platform is that it can run on all major devices that you might have lying around at home.

This makes it easy for everyone in your house to catch up on TV shows and movies of their choice. The Netflix platform is undoubtedly the best in terms of the library as well. Today we’ll look at how you can activate Netflix on your devices. 

About Netflix:

Netflix is a popular video-on-demand service. They have been in the industry ever since 1997. In the early days of Netflix, they were providing customers with physical video services. Eventually, the company pivoted to an online platform. Today they are a subscription-based online streaming service. 

Netflix Activate

They have taken over the internet with a storm. The video streaming service came into existence in 2010, and it has been a gradual rise up the ranks. Netflix has become a recognizable name all around the world in 2022.

The website has over 150 million active subscriptions currently. It is the largest and the oldest streaming website on the internet. The site is available all around the world except the regions of mainland China, Syria, North Korea, and Crimea. These countries either have local rules barring foreign service like in China or lack an internet infrastructure like in North Korea.  

Steps to Sign up for Netflix & Activate

One needs to subscribe to Netflix membership to sign up. If you like the entertainment website, then you should think about signing up. The Netflix website is the perfect place to begin. Follow the given guide to get bundled entertainment. 

  • On your Windows or Mac device, open up your browser. Enter the following link to visit the Netflix website – 
  • On the Homepage, you will have the option to sign up. Enter your email account and click the try it now button.
  • Select the plan according to your requirements. There are various options available, ranging from Rs200/mo to Rs800/mo. The pricing varies based on several features.
  • Choose a safe password after you have selected the desired plan. Netflix holds sensitive information like credit card info, so pick a different pass.
  • The final step is to enter your credit card or PayPal details for payment. It will help in the automatic renewal of your Netflix subscription. After you submit this information, you can access Netflix free for one month.
  • Sign in to your account to view any popular TV show or Movie. 

Netflix for Smartphone:

The Netflix website is not the only place where you can watch your favourite TV shows or Movies. Netflix is also available on your smartphones. The streaming platform also offers users with exclusive Mobile-only plans in some regions. It is done to promote the availability of the service in remote locations.

Many places across the world don’t have a well set up internet infrastructure. In these regions, Mobile Data might be a significant source of the internet. For instance, In India, Netflix offers its mobile-only plans to reach more audiences. You can download the app on your device to give it a go. 

You can download the smartphone app of the streaming service using the given below links – 

Download For iOS      Download For Android

Follow the given guide to download the app on your smartphone devices. 

  1. Head over to the app market on your Android or iOS device. 
  2. Open up Google Play or the App Store and search for Netflix mobile app. Alternatively, you can visit the above-given links. 
  3. Click on the download button to install the application on your device. For iOS, you will be prompted to confirm your Apple ID details. 

Enjoy Netflix streaming by opening up the app and signing in using your account.

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Netflix for Smart TV:

The Netflix app is also available on dominant Smart TVs. If you have an Android TV, then you can easily download the app from the Playstore. The Apple TV box comes with Netflix pre-installed these days. Other smart TV platforms include the Roku and Amazon Fire Stick. Both of these devices also come with the Netflix app already installed. This makes it quite convenient for everyone just to plug and play. 

How to Activate Netflix?

Activating a device on your Netflix account is quite easy. Most of the time, this is not necessary as the website and apps are entirely secure. This is requested by the app only if it detects any security problems. Follow the given steps to activate a device under your Netflix subscription. 

On Device:

Install the Netflix app using the above-given links. After signing in the Netflix app on your smart TV, you will be provided with an activation code. 

On PC:

  • Head over to your favourite browser on the computer. Enter this link to visit the activation page –
  • You will be prompted to sign in to your Netflix account. Enter your credentials here to begin the process.
  • Enter the activation code here to easily stream movies and TV shows on your newly activated device.


How do I activate Netflix on my phone?

Netflix can be activated on your phone by downloading the Netflix app and signing in with your account information.

Is there an activation fee for Netflix?

Netflix does not have an activation fee, but there is a monthly subscription fee.

What is my Netflix activation code?

Your Netflix activation code can be found on your account page. To find your account page, go to and click on “Sign In” in the top right corner of the screen. Once you are signed in, click on “Your Account” and then “Activate a Device.


Netflix is a world-renowned entertainment website. Netflix is our go-to website during this time of quarantine. Activating the services of the site on any device is quite simple. All you need to do is read the guide thoroughly and religiously follow the steps. We wish you a happy streaming experience.

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