Netflix Cookies 2021 – Today Working List [Updated]

Netflix is a platform that streams videos, TV shows, and movies for all age groups; however, this is a premium platform. Netflix subscription can be acquired through a monthly payment of $7 or $15, the price range varies, and this payment unlocks the doors to a myriad of streaming content. However, a lot of people are unable to pay for these services because of a lot of reasons, thus for them, there are a lot of websites that host Netflix cookies that can give you free access to the website.

A Brief Information About Netflix Cookies:

Netflix coockies free download

There are a lot of people reading this who have no idea what Netflix cookies are, or what cookies mean in the cyber world. Do not worry, I will provide a brief explanation of cookies along with Netflix cookies, which will give you a better understanding.

The term cookies are the data that is obtained from a particular website that is saved in our browser. This data is saved when we use a particular browser to access the website. Cookies can be any kind of information, from login credentials to banking details and other forms of personal information.

Similarly, Netflix cookies translate to the login credentials that a user uses to access their Netflix account. The text file that is maintained by a browser, called cookies, stores all this information, the moment Netflix is accessed; the details get saved in that particular text file. Therefore, if these details are exported from a certain browser and imported into another, that browser would enable us to access Netflix accounts for free. We just need to copy the cookies, after that the steps are easy, so easy that you don’t even need to use the username and password to log in to Netflix, as the browser does that for you.

Different Websites that Provide Netflix Cookies:

Many websites on the internet provide detailed Netflix cookies, all you need to do is just type “Netflix cookies” in a search engine and you would be overwhelmed with results. Few of the most popular websites that host Netflix cookies are as follows

  • Reddit
  • Spy coupon
  • Github
  • Facebook Groups
  • Telegram Channels

One of the best things about these websites is that these Netflix cookies are completely free and they have multiple choices for downloading cookies, in case one option does not work.

Steps to Download Cookies:

Now that we know that Cookies are nothing but bits of data that a browser store on a user’s hard drive by accessing it when a certain website is opened. This process is the same for Netflix; therefore, I have iterated the following steps that would help you use Netflix cookies with a simple browser extension.

Step 1

Download the Chrome browser and then download a chrome extension (for instance Editthiscookie) to use Netflix cookies downloaded from any of the websites.Edit this Cookies

Step 2

Click on “Add to Chrome” to install this chrome extension to your browser.

Step 3

This chrome extension enables you to copy the data for the cookie txt file artificially and integrate it with the Chrome browser.

Step 4

The previous steps allow bypassing the Netflix login security check.

Step 5

Once the download of the Chrome extension is completed, you would need to add the chrome extension to the browser by accessing it from the downloads folder of the browser.

Step 6

Voila! You shall now be redirected to Netflix and would be able to use it without having to spend a penny.

These few easy steps would have you logged into Netflix and spending your binging in no time. However, do keep in mind that Netflix cookies get updated or removed every hour, so download a fresh batch of cookies from the mentioned websites and follow the same process again.

Does this work on phones?

Folks, for all those of you who do not own a computer and technology, translate to the mobile device you are currently holding in your hands, do not worry! Just like a PC, you need to access websites that have Netflix cookies and download them on your phone. Then you need to download a browser on your phone to use these cookies, I would recommend downloading Chrome owing to its vast baggage of add-ons. Just follow these steps.

Step 1

Download the Chrome browser from the play store and then add the Editthiscookie extension to Chrome

Step 2

The next step to enable the Editthiscookie extension in Chrome and allow it to work with its default setting (The settings of various software are quite different on phones than on PCs, so it is best to let them keep their default settings and not meddle with it).

Step 3

This is the last step, you just need to copy the downloaded cookies on your phone and then click on Editthiscookie extension and paste them there.

That’s it, in three simple steps you would be able to able to view Netflix for free on your phone by downloading and using cookies.

Steps for Clearing Cookies to keep your Netflix account safe:

After reading the previous steps and the ways to bypass leaders who do own a Netflix account might be terrified. Yes, they have a strong reason to be, because you never know if your account is being used in another part of the world. Therefore, to stay safe, you need to clean out your cookies from your browser at least once every week. The primary reason being that most people tend to use Chrome to view Netflix, the major reason being Chrome is fast and streams without buffering if you have a stable internet connection. However, once you have used Chrome multiple times to access Netflix, it saves your login credentials. Thus, just follow these steps to clear out all Netflix cookies.

Step 1

Using browser go to

Step 2

Enter the email and password of your Netflix account, this automatically logs you out of Netflix and clears their respective cookies

Step 3

You can now log in to Netflix using your credentials, and the cookies are all reset.

That it folks, that’s all you need to know regarding Netflix cookies.

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