Netflix Student Discount & Offers in 2020

Binge-watching is one of the many habits which you will note among students. 90% of American students are known to engage in binge-watching when it comes to videos streamed online, and Netflix is one such app which is very popular among the students. 9 out of 10 students in the USA use Netflix and prefer to buy its services at a standard low price. So, if you are a student and searching to know about Netflix student discounts, this article is best for you.

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Netflix Student Discount 2020 – Brief Information

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Students in the US expect to get the services at low prices and want discounts due to the hardships of life. Keeping oneself cool becomes a hassle at this point in time. With the services of video and movie streaming, you wish to watch as many movies as possible at a low price. So, if you are searching for student discounts on Netflix, sorry to burst your dream bubble, but there is no student discount on Netflix. However, you can opt to take a look at some of our best plans.

Netflix Plans For Students:

If you are searching for Free Netflix Accounts for students, just forget about it. There are four plans provided by Netflix.  These are mobile plans, basic plans, standard plans, and premiums. The mobile plan allows you to watch unlimited videos at low more. Next, is the basic plan worth 8.99 USD per month. Next is the standard plan worth 12.99 USD in which your students can watch unlimited videos in two screens at a time. Last but not least is the premium plan which is worth 192 USD a year. This can be seen to be the cheapest plan if one goes experience-wise in services, allowing you to watch unlimited videos in four screens at a time. However, if you are searching for student discounts, forget it. A Netflix student discount is a total myth. If you are still hunting for such offers, you might as well use the trial period and get the services for free.

Netflix Alternatives With Student Discounts:

1. Amazon Prime:

Prime video

We know Netflix offers a trial period for only a month’s time. However, this Amazon Prime Student Discount allows you to enjoy a trial period of six months. You can even enjoy prime original videos and get to avail of several offers online which you do not get on Netflix.

Activate Prime Student Free Trial

2. Hulu:


Hulu is another alternative you can consider against Netflix Student Discount. You get to use premium services for only a price of 4.99 USD per month and pay half the price yet enjoy original video streaming online services.

3. HBO Now:

HBO now

This is one of the many good student discounts offers you can consider. Unlike Netflix, which does not provide any student discount, HBO Now has a membership price of 14.99 USD a month, and students need to pay only  5 USD a month. Less than half the price! It comes with a pay-on-the-go offer ad that lets you cancel any time during the trial duration.

Update: HBO is not currently offering new student discount subscriptions.

4. YouTube Premium


As you clearly know by now, Netflix Student Discounts is a total myth. You can consider about YouTube Premium Student Discount. This service offers 40% off to all students. The feature of SheerID verification ensures security and annual updating of profile as per promotion to next year or class, ensure the security of information and scope for cancellation of services. What’s more, you get to enjoy services without any ads at all!


1Q. Does Netflix have student discount?

Ans: No. Netflix has no such student discounts. So if you are on a very tight budget, you may want to consider signing up for the trial period of Netflix services.

2Q. What video streaming sites offer student discounts?

Ans: There are several sites to consider in place of Netflix student discounts. You want to consider websites like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and YouTube Premium and so on.  These websites offer their services a half.


Netflix student discounts are a myth because Netflix does not provide any sort of student discount offers. So if you wish to save money you might wish to either opt for the thirty days trial period of considering alternatives to Netflix student discount to save that money.

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