What is the Newest iPhone Out Right Now?

Apple is the brand that is known for its amazing devices. The iPhone is one of the greatest flagship phones out there in the market. Till a few years ago we couldn’t have imagined having a device that would be able to do so much by taking up less space. The iPhone was the pinnacle of a device released in 2007 starting a digital revolution that would change the world. Steve Jobs and his last great project for Apple was the biggest hit that would propel Apple forward for an entire decade to come. Apple tends to drop a newly reimagined iPhone every year to bring about minor changes in technology and always keep on innovating on their original idea.

What is the newest iPhone right now

From the original iPhone till now we have come a long way. Today we’ll be taking a look at the newest iPhone. 

About Apple:

Apple is one of the most well-recognized names in the tech industry. They are the biggest corporation in the world with a trillion-dollar evaluation. The brand develops consumer electronics of all kinds, along with software and online services. Their iPhone, iMac, iPad and Macbook line of devices are the critical points of profit. It is part of the big four tech giants including Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Recently their Airpod line of products earned them 8 billion dollars in 4 years.


They are known to be disruptive and direct the flow of tech economics. Throughout the years, the company has developed an enormous brand following. Apple has helped a lot of people to enjoy high-quality hardware and software. The iPhone however, remains one of their most significant leap forward in the 21st century. 

What is the iPhone?

The iPhone is a statement by Apple driving us forward in the 21st century. The device has completely changed the way our lives work. It is a service so influential that almost all of our lives are now centered around it. The iPhone can be considered the very first smartphone. A technology so revolutionary everyone else took two years even to replicate the first iPhone. The touch screen display was perfected by Apple in their very first attempt. The device uses the infamous iOS service and is well renowned all over the world. Apple has sold over 2 billion iPhones in the years they have been around. They are the most used smartphones in the world. People are always coming back to Apple because of its reliability in use. They are the premium devices in the smartphone industry which always provide users with pristine quality services. 

Latest iPhone in the market:

Apple is known to always come up with a new device every year. The brand usually releases new smartphones during the fall season. This is done to promote huge sales among the recent college goers who want to have the latest iPhone. They have indeed a colossal control over the devices that are out in the market. Apple recently announced the iPhone SE 2nd generation in April 2020 to take on other popular brands like OnePlus and Samsung. Before this their latest additions in the lineup were iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 pro max. These three devices were released in September of 2019. Apple tends to discontinue their iPhones within a year in the name of progress. They still, however, support the devices through software updates. 

iPhone 11:

iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 was made available to the people on 20th September 2019. It provided users with a unique new device with multiple cameras. The dual-camera setup on the iPhone 11 marked the acceptance of Apple for the design. The iPhone 11 is all about flair because it is available in over six unique colors which were never out before. The Retina display has been perfected and is a part of all iOS devices now. The breathtaking visuals are fantastic on the device, and it is combined well with the UHD camera. Wide and Ultra-wide lenses on the iPhone camera make it extremely difficult to take a wicked photo. The precision and careful attention to detail on the device use makes it the perfect companion for many users. The A13 Bionic chip takes processing to the next level on this device. You can get a lot with this iPhone. 

iPhone 11 Pro/ iPhone 11 Pro Max:

iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

The iPhone 11 Pro has a bigger hardware sheet than the iPhone 11. It hosts a lot of the same features but with a better look and build quality. The iPhone 11 Pro is not going to feel cheap in your hands. The full glass back just adds to the premium look. The 11 Pro is also known for its triple camera setup. The cameras use three lenses, i.e. Telephoto, Ultrawide, and wide lenses.

The iPhone 11 Pro is very capable of taking and processing 4K videos on the fly. You are in for a treat when it comes to this device. The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max have only a subtle difference. The screen size on the two variants varies by a few inches. The iPhone 11 Pro comes in a 5.8-inch retina XDR enabled OLED display whereas the Pro Max is a 6.5-inch screen of the same type. It all boils down to your preferences and how big of a requirement is a screen. Overall, both devices boast the same hardware. The 11 Pro Max battery is a little bigger in comparison; however, to compensate for the bigger screen. 

iPhone SE 2nd Generation:

iPhone SE2 2nd generation

The iPhone SE 2nd generation is the recent addition to the Apple arsenal. People all around the world have been waiting for an iPhone that will be affordable. The iPhone SE provides users with the same quality as an iPhone 11 at a much less price. The latest announcement riled up people as many had been eagerly waiting for it. It is a mini iPhone 11 with all the power and brains behind it. The device does lack in a few segments like facial recognition, but overall it is a rock-solid design. The 4.7-inch display phone looks and feels like an iPhone 8. From the outside, it looks like the same old phone, but in reality, it is much more powerful. The device is available in 3 colors Red, Black, and White. The iPhone SE is your best bet for an affordable, top-notch smartphone in 2020. 

Features of iPhone SE:

We are going to discuss the features of the newest iPhone out right now at length in this segment. Read on to find out what all is available on the latest device. 

  • Durability: The latest iPhone is very sturdy. The low price point doesn’t mean you are getting cheap quality. The aluminum and glass design is quite popular and loved by many. You can stop worrying about damaging your phone if you accidentally drop it with a case.
  • Display: The iPhone SE has a 4.7-inch retina display which is very capable of displaying high-quality videos. The pixel density on the screen is impressive. You have sharp viewing angles and fantastic lighting even on low brightness. It is the perfect companion for outside and inside use.
  • Fast: The iPhone SE uses an A13 bionic chip. This is the same chip on the iPhone 11 series. Apple claims it is the fastest chip on any smartphone out there. It can easily handle multitasking on the device.
  • Camera: The iPhone SE has the best camera at this price point. It easily beats the google pixel 3a by a mile. You get the software features of the iPhone 11 with a high-quality single lens. It is also capable of shooting stable 4K videos on the fly.
  • Battery: This compact device supports fast charging, making it the best option for young users. Staying online is a priority for the current generation, and the iPhone SE supports this. Users can watch 13 hours of video continuously on a single charge. With the fast charger, it takes 30 minutes to get a 50% battery charge.


The iPhone SE might just be the smartphone of the year. In 2020 when the economy is plummeting a budget iPhone is all we needed. People who want to upgrade this year can consider the device. It is going to push other companies to provide high-quality services at affordable prices as well. Apple has entirely changed the game with the iPhone SE. It has been years that we have had an affordable iPhone. The iPhone SE does it entirely. It helps answer all the questions that any consumer might have. Apple should work on releasing an accessible version of their flagship every year. This will help them boost sales and get higher revenue. Having the option to join the Apple ecosystem is a blessing. 

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