Nintendo Switch Emulator for Windows 10

Nintendo is one of the world’s best console manufacturers that has been in the business for decades now. The Nintendo switch is their latest edition of a gaming machine. The console gives fierce competition to the major contenders, which are PS4 and Xbox One.

The Switch is one of the most experimental projects that the company has ever done. With the help of this device, the company is looking forward to changing the way people see gaming. The console performs two rows and can be quite the experience for many people.

It is a hybrid type of console that can be used on a home TV setup as well as in a portable manner. Many people are, however, still new to this concept and would prefer to have invested in a PS4 or Xbox One.

How to get Yuzu Nintendo Switch Emulator ?

However, if you are a Nintendo fanboy, then trying the console makes sense. Today we are going to be providing you with an emulator for Nintendo Switch for PC devices. Through this article, we are going to cover in-depth knowledge about this latest emulator and how you can use it on your device. 

Nintendo Switch Emulator – Introduction

The Nintendo Switch was released in 2017 and has been a controversial console ever since then. When the console was unveiled for the very first time in 2016, it was met with initial skepticism. The overall console design is unique and offers customers an entirely new gaming experience. When you want to use the console and handheld mode, you can attach the joy-con controllers to the screen of your Nintendo switch. When you want to switch to the TV mode, remove the controllers from the sides and put the Nintendo switch on the TV dock. Many people say that it is the future of console gaming, and in a way, they might be right. Nintendo can be dubbed as the father of console gaming, and it only fits that they take the next step in the industry. 

Yuzu Emulator

Yuzu Nintendo Switch Emulator

The Yuzu emulator is free to use an open-source application available on Windows devices. It is the best Nintendo switch emulator available in the market currently. Anyone can download the app for free from the official website. The emulator was announced to be in the development phase on January 14th, 2018. This was about ten months after the release of the Nintendo Switch console. The Yuzu is being developed by the people who worked on the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii emulators as well. Citra is the official creator of the two unique emulators which has been beneficial to gamers all around the world. 

Latest News on Nintendo Switch Emulator:

The Yuzu emulator is still in its beta testing phase and hasn’t seen a final official stable release yet. It is entirely experimental and open source. Anyone can download the source code of the application to make their tweaks and adjustments along with the task of cracking Nintendo Wii games for the emulator. As of 2022 many games like Super Mario Odyssey have started to work on the emulator with little to no issues and people are beginning to take notice. 

System requirements to run Yuzu Nintendo Switch emulator:

Running an emulator of a console requires you to have much better specifications than the actual machine. This emulator has some substantial system requirements. Check them out to see if your PC can even run the emulator before trying it out yourself. 

Operating systemWindows 7 64 bit or higher, 64 bit LinuxWindows 7 64 bit or higher, 64 bit Linux
CPUIntel i3-6100 or AMD Ryzen 5 2500XIntel i7-8700k
Graphics hardwareIntel HD Graphics 530 or Nvidia GeForce GT 710Nvidia GTX 1070Ti

The system requirements are not that bad when it comes to the Minimum requirements. Many people might be able to fulfill this criterion. The recommended PC requirements are, however, quite high. With minimum PC requirements, you can only run a few games which are not heavily dependent on your PC resources. 

Steps to Download Yuzu:

We have discussed enough about the emulator. Now it’s time to have a look at the download process for the emulator on PC devices. Follow the given guide to install the application on your computer. 

  • On your computer, head over to your favorite Browser. In the Browser enter the given below link to go to the Nintendo Switch emulator website.
    Google Search bar
  • This will take you to the homepage where you can find the download link for the emulator. On the website, you will also have the option to download the source code. You can choose to download the source code if you want to make some changes to the application and make it a unique setup for your PC.
Download Nintendo Switch Emulator
  • The Yuzu source code is a page that can be quite useful for people who are into application development. Many people might find this helpful. It will also be beneficial for students who are learning how to code. If you are interested in learning more about how emulators work, then download this for your personal use.
Download For Windows

  • Download the user application on your PC device. It would be a dot Exe file that can be easily installed in just a few clicks.
    Install Yuzu Emulator
  • Run the downloaded setup file on your device, to begin with, the emulation process. 

What games are available on Yuzu Emulator?

The emulator website has curated a list of compatible games that can be beneficial for people who are trying the application on their PC. The community-run website has successfully done tests of over 100 games and has also provided the status of these games. They have been sorted based on how well they work on the emulator. There are seven bases on which the games are classified. These are as follows. 

  • There are over 50 games that can run correctly on the emulator so you should give it a go. 
  • You can easily find out the list of the available games which run on the Yuzu emulator by visiting the following link –


Is there a working Nintendo switch emulator?

Yuzu is an amazing Emulator which is written in C++ to keep the probability in mind. Being an experimental emulator, it supports both Windows and Linux. Anyone can adjust this emulator according to their needs by rewriting its code.

Is RyujiNX better than yuzu?

The display time per frame of RyujiNX is shorter in comparison to yuzu. But yuzu takes up more CPU and RAM to work for any game. Other than both emulators are good for any game but it’s up to you to choose. Both emulators work smoothly when you play Super Mario Odyssey.

Does yuzu require a switch?

You must have a switch to operate yuzu, without it you can’t play any game with a yuzu emulator.

Are emulators safe to use?

It totally depends upon where you are downloading the emulator. Always download an emulator from trusted sources to avoid getting scammed or viruses.

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We listed the Best Emulator for Nintendo Switch here with detailed steps. If you know any other alternatives do let us know from the comments section below.

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