Roku Remote Not Working – How to Fix?

Roku is one of the most popular streaming boxes. It is an affordable device that can turn any TV into a smart TV. In 2020 we all need an internet-enabled TV. The majority of our entertainment is consumed online. The Roku device helps your TV to connect to the internet. It can be used to run popular entertainment websites. The streaming service is known to support Netflix, Amazon PrimeVideo, and many other apps. Imagine that one excellent evening, you sit to watch TV on your Roku. Everything is perfectly fine, but your Roku remote ends up malfunctioning. Well, there are not a lot of things that can lead to your remote not working. Today let’s have a look at what all might cause these problems. We will also take a look at how to fix this issue. 

A Brief Information About Roku App:

Roku Remote Not Working

If nothing seems to solve your problems, then it is a good idea to download the official app. Roku web services provide you with efficient resources to solve your problems. The Roku remote app for android and iOS can be your temporary solution. It is also a little more convenient than the actual remote. Typing on your phone is a lot simpler than using a two-touch remote. There are other added features as well, like private listening, streaming on the phone, cast through phone, etc.  

Roku Remote Not Working Issues & Possible Fixes:

We listed the possible issue for Roku remote not working. Once try the below mentioned methods, If you still not able to fix issue you can let us know in comments section below.

1. Battery Issues

A TV remote takes up so little juice. We end up forgetting that they, too, require a change of batteries. Understandably, remotes can go on without a replacement for months. You might end up facing remote issues after a few months of changing a battery. If this is the case, then you know the drill. Visit your nearest grocery store or radioshack to get a pair of cells. Most Roku remotes use AA batteries. Facing battery issues are familiar with entertainment devices. Weak or dead batteries are the top reason why remotes malfunction. Try replacing your batteries as soon as possible. 

2. Restart the Roku player or stick

Many times Roku is not able to connect with your remote. The advanced Roku players form a direct connection with the remote to function. Such remotes do not require to have an IR blaster. You can check if it is a connection issue by restarting your Roku device. Once the Player or stick has been reset, you can try to connect your remote once again. If you are still facing the issue, then try to power off the remote. It can be done manually by taking out the batteries. After doing so, restart your Roku again. Power on the remote by plugging in the cells and try again. This time around, your remote would be able to connect. Give it a buffer time of 30 seconds to function correctly. 

3. Check HDMI Connectivity

The HDMI connectivity can give remote issues only in stick devices. The Roku stick version is directly attached to the HDMI source. This can cause some interference in the long run. A stick device is quite small in comparison to the Player. In this case, it will end up sitting at the back of your TV or dangling by the side. In both situations, there can be a problem of loose connection. To avoid this problem, you can use an HDMI extension service. This will enable you to rest the stick device to a stable platform. The Roku device usually comes with an HDMI extension cable for the stick. Moving the Roku stick to another HDMI port can also mean that you reset your device. It is, however, in your own best interest to try this and remove all possibilities which might be causing issues. 

4. Signal Problems

The common reason which can cause remote problems is IR signals. If it seems to work at some angles but not at others, then it is a signal problem. Remote controls work with infrared signals. If something is blocking them, then you might be in trouble. Try to clear all obstructions between the remote and Roku device. This will help to ensure the signals are being received. You might have to adjust where you are pointing. Try to look the remote directly at the front of the Roku. 

5. Pair again

The “Re-Pair” process is quite simple. Here we are not talking about re-pairing the remote. Instead, we are asking you to pair the remote with the Roku device again. It can be helpful in case the machine has stopped recognizing the remote. This process will help the Roku device to understand your remote yet still. There is a reset button on your Roku device as well as remote. Open up the back compartment on your remote. Press this reset button, to begin with, the process. Restart your Roku. Click on the pairing button to connect your remote. This will register your remote as a new control device on your Roku. 

You can also do the process manually by taking out the batteries. Unplug the Roku as well in the meantime and restart it after 10 secs. Press and hold the pairing button for 30 secs for the device to establish a connection. 

6. Network Issues

Internet connectivity is another primary reason causing remote issues. Your Roku player needs to be connected to the internet to access content. It is also a necessity for connectivity within the Roku ecosystem. A WiFi network helps to connect your remote and the device. Check your network connection to ensure you are not facing any problems. Roku players come with the option of both wired and wireless connection. The streaming sticks only have the option of WiFi. If your remote is not working at any point, it is a good idea to check the internet status. 

Final Solution:

If nothing seems to work, and you cannot figure out what is causing issues. Then it is time to move on to a new remote. A remote goes through a lot of wear and tear during its lifetime. It is only natural that after constant falls, the device ends up breaking. You can purchase a new remote from the official Roku store. They have an entire Roku accessories center for your needs. 

Here’s the link to their website – 


There are countless different reasons why you might face this problem. The viable solution to your Roku remote not working is also infinite. Our article tries to shed some light on this topic. We hope you were able to get some knowledge about this issue. Follow our guidelines, and you might be able to fix this problem yourself. 

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