How to Save Instagram Photos?

Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing applications available on the internet. Immensely popular among the youth and is used by millions of people. The platform recently became one of the most common places for youth social media. The application allows users to easily share their pictures and tell their stories through the various aspects of the use. If you are an avid Instagram user, then you must have come across thousands of photos so far already. You can find a lot of artistic content on the website as well. There might have been times when you would have wanted to save the pictures on your feed.

How to save Instagram photos

Instagram does not allow you to save photos from the application to your mobile gallery directly. In this article, we are going to be covering how to keep Instagram photos on your devices.

How to Save your own Instagram photos?

Many people might be wondering how you can save your own Instagram pictures. Just follow along with the steps given below to learn more –

1. Instagram Story Pictures:

If you have clicked a picture for your Instagram story, then saving it is quite simple. After clicking the image and making any filter edits to it, you can easily download the picture using the download button at the top of the story page.

download your Instagram story

If you have already uploaded a story and want to save that picture, then it can also be quickly done. Open up the story page which you wish to keep.

2. Instagram original posts

Many people post a lot of original content on their Instagram account. When you want to save your own Instagram posts automatically to your gallery, follow the given below steps.

Open up your profile:

In the Instagram application, head over to your profile. Here at the top right corner, select the icon, and you will find the multiple options relating to your account.


Instagram settings

At the very bottom of this page, you will find the settings option. Tap on this head over to the settings page.

Account settings:

Instagram settings page

In the settings page, go to the account settings option and select it.

Original Posts:

Instagram account settings

In the account settings page, go to the original settings option and select it.

Enable Automatic save:

Enabling auto save on Instagram

In the original posts option of the settings menu, you can enable automatic save of all of your recent original posts. This will ensure that whenever you make a new Instagram post, the pictures are saved directly to your gallery.

Are Instagram Pictures Copyrighted?

There are millions of accounts on the website which post pictures regularly. It is human nature to like photographs which are of common interest to us. This might prompt you to want to save those pictures in your gallery. It is during this time that the question might pop up into your mind. Are Instagram pictures copyrighted?

Well, the answer to that question is quite simple. Instagram policies state that every picture that you upload on your account is intellectual property. Your content is your responsibility, and you have the Exclusive rights to them. This means that most of the pictures on Instagram are intellectual property and covered under the Intellectual Property Rights depending upon the place of the person’s account.

Ways to save other’s Instagram Photos:

There are certainly a lot of ways in which you can save Instagram photos on your device. Some of these include the following –

  1. Instagram Bookmarks
  2. Third-Party Downloaders

1. Instagram Bookmarks

Instagram understands that you might come across thousands of pictures daily. Many of these pictures are going to be of utmost importance to you. You might be tagged in a few of them as well. The Insta application provides you with a bookmark service to make things easier for you. With the help of this bookmark feature, you can save pictures in your gallery. Instagram has a unique saved pictures column where you can create many different albums of Instagram posts. This is especially useful when you want to look back at a few pictures later on. This feature is quite similar to that of Pinterest. In the Pinterest application, you can easily make pins and save related images on aboard.

Let’s have a look at how we can use the Instagram bookmarks feature to save Instagram photos.

  • Open up the Instagram application and browse through your feed to find any picture that you might like. There are millions of celebrities, art pages, tattoo accounts, and much more that might be of interest.
    Instagram search page
  • Browse through your feed to open up explore to find out the picture that you want to save to your Instagram gallery. It can even be a paid advertisement that might show up on your feed.
  • When you have found the picture that you want to save, click on the bookmark icon on the bottom right corner of the pic. This will add your photo directly to the gallery within the app.
    save Instagram post to bookmark
  • To view your saved picture, you can Hop on to your account. Open up your profile and click on the button at the top right corner. Here you will find the saved pictures option.
    Instagram settings page
  • You can even choose to organize the saved pictures on your account. Creating an album out of your images is quite easy. Click on the + button at the top right corner and name your new collection of saves.

How to save Instagram photos using third party sources?

Downloading Instagram posts on your device is quite straight forward if you have the Exclusive rights to the content. It gets a little bit if you don’t, however, but still want to download the pictures. This is where a third party website can come into play and be a little help for you. Many popular sites offer users free Instagram post download services. One of the most reliable websites that we found online for downloading Instagram posts was This website can be used to download Instagram photos, videos, and even igtv videos.


Other websites include This website allows you to save content from any public account on Instagram in three simple steps.

Instagram photo downloader

  1. Open up the post that you want to save
  2. Copy the Instagram post link
  3. Paste the Instagram post link on the website to download.


Thats it guys! If you know. any other cool working methods, do let us know in the comments section below. And If you just want a simple trick then you can just screenshot the post.

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