How to Get Showtime Free Trial For 7 Days?

What’s up, guys!! We welcome you to our page; in this coming read up we hope that your faces are all smiled up with lots of information which we tend to carry forward. It’s the 21st century, when the whole world is growing immensely in terms of a virtual sphere, human nature is building more expectations. In this busy buzz of life, you must be tired of your mundane lifestyle, right? We might not provide you with lemonade or soda popsicles but certainly can guide you to a new alternative of visual content. Showtime which was founded 43 years ago in the United States is now streaming its best shows. Unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime, Showtime is also eventually providing a free trial service to all its new customers.

Showtime Free Trial 2020 – How to get 7 days Free Trial?

Showtime free trial for 7days

Like other companies, Showtime provides a free trial service for 7 days and if you like it you can choose your plan accordingly, sounds great, doesn’t it? Don’t get confused about how you can activate or subscribe to Showtime because we are especially here to assist you on the same.

Note: You can Activate your Showtime by following our guide on How to Activate Showtime Anytime?

Free Trial Steps:

  • You can download the app or can browse down to their official website, click on to ‘Signup’ option.
  • You will be given a choice to create an account, click in and start filling necessary information required
  • After completion of creating your account, you can now sign up easily
  • You are then required to choose your respective plan from the given options and insert your payment information
  • Until your trial period gets expired you will not be charged a single penny from your pocket.

Once you finish all your necessary required details, your account is ready to use and you can relish viewing premium content at Showtime. You can utilize both Android and Apple mobile devices to watch Showtime content.

Showtime Best Packages:

Showtime anytime

Once you avail free subscription of Showtime, you must then decide which pack you must go with, which package suits you the best, for instance, Showtime has two subscription plans

  1. Monthly basis
  2. Yearly basis


  • Monthly – $ 4.99/ month*
  • Yearly – $ 109.90/ month*

*Charges may vary because of various conditions. These figures may fluctuate according to market demands.

You need to know that after your trial ends and if you choose a yearly plan then you need to subscribe directly through


Showtime is a very friendly content platform that works on other streamed applications as well. Puzzled with this statement? No worries, we simply mean that platforms such as Roku, Amazon, and Netflix are offering content from Showtime and you don’t need to provide money for the initial 7 days because these platforms also provide free viewing. If you have a Roku or Amazon you can simply watch Showtime’s content anywhere. Showtime has its availability in the United States and caters to more than 29.7 million households

Programs of Showtime Free Trial Service:

Programs for Showtime anytime free trial

Showtime offers its audiences with super awesome flagship programs that will make you awestruck. During your free trial subscription, you will not be restricted to certain programs but will be able to watch as many programs you wish to watch. Showtime trial feature some awesome blockbusters such as movies, first-ever run feature films, standup comedy or Sitcom, special documentaries, championship boxing, art events, and mixed martial arts. Overall Showtime free trial provides you with the best content.

How Showtime free trial is different from others?

Showtime has gained enormous popularity through these years, and with the introduction of trial service, it is allowing customers to build faith. Most notably Showtime allows you to stream live sports providing you to watch live boxing matches. One key selling point of Showtime free trial service compared to Netflix is that it provides live streaming of sports, this feature is estimated to cover more than 80% of all Netflix users who watch sports regularly. Another important element allowed in Showtime free trial is the Live TV channel; its ad-free online channel gives an endless stream of new movies and great shows.

This service allows you to watch the latest shows without buying a full license to watch it. Currently, this service is not catered by any leading brands in the market. Showtime free trial gives you the best collection of great shows and the ability to mix both TV and sports all in one package. We would recommend you try Showtime free trial service because apparently, this proves the best in the current market.

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