How to Stop Popup Ads on Android?

Advertisements on Android are one of the most annoying things that you can experience. They can pop up at any time and completely ruin whatever you are trying to do. This is especially true for people who want to play free games but cannot due to a specific pop up coming on your screen now and then. Many more times, we don’t have control over the pop ads on Android because of some unknown background applications. Android has a vast ecosystem, and any random form downloaded over the Google Play Store can cause this issue. The modern-day applications have a system of click-based advertising i.e., the more clicks you can get, the more money you earn. Today we will learn how to remove these annoying pop-up ads on Android devices.

What are Popup Ads?

Pop-up advertisements have been part of the World Wide Web ever since the dot-com bubble. Advertising on the internet is quite inexpensive, and many people want to earn money from their websites. Popup advertisements are the best way to make more money in less time. What happens is that If you click anywhere on the web page, then a pop-up occurs. This pop-up advertisement is displayed on your screen, and the website owner gets money for the same.

How to stop Pop Ads on Android ?

Similarly, Android application developers have adopted the system of pop ads. This way, they can earn money every time a person clicks on the advertisement and gets redirected to the web page corresponding to the advertisement provider. This is commonplace with most of the free to use applications and games on Android.

What can cause popup ads to occur on Android?

Advertisements on Android are often unwanted byproducts of free to use applications. Many people are unaware of the fact that Android applications can lead to such problems overall regularly. Controlling these pop-up advertisements is a different thing, but understanding the cause of the same is essential to find a solution. Here are some of the most common answers to realize what is causing pop-up ads on your Android.

1. Free applications

Whenever you are running a free application that has advertisements enabled, you run the risk of getting a pop-up ad. These open applications display as many promos as they want. It all depends on the algorithm that the application uses. If the developers are money mongers, then they might even abuse the pop-up advertisement method of Revenue. Most of the free apps have this running in one form or the other.

2. Background apps

There are many applications on Android that can run in the background without your knowledge. Such claims make your device prone to pop ads a lot. Because of the background applications, you will not even realize which one is causing it to occur. In this situation, it becomes complicated to rectify the problem and identify the source.

3. Malware

Most of the Android devices have a secure network and operating system. In a few cases, there can be malware on your Android device, which can cause such a problem. If malware is manipulating your device data, then they can also run random pop-up advertisements. This will help them earn money and even collect some personal information. Many people store sensitive personal information on their Android devices. In cases of malware infestation, it becomes crucial to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

Can’t seem to find the source of the pop ads?

When you can’t seem to find the applications which are causing pop ads to occur, it can be quite frustrating. In such a situation, the only viable option remains to make use of third-party sources to rectify your problem. In many cases, people have even factory reset their devices to make sure the random malware or application which was causing the issue gets deleted during the process. If you cannot factory reset your device, then We can make use of network usage detectors to check which application is connecting to the internet whenever a pop-up occurs. This will help us to identify the source of the pop-up form, and we can uninstall it later on.

How to Stop Popup Ads on Android?

1. Ad Network detectors

Ad Network detectors are Android applications that allow you to identify which is connected to popular advertisement Networks. Using it, you can also block the connection between the app and the advertisement Network. This will help to solve the Pop ads problem on your device. Some popular AdNetwork detector applications include antivirus software.

Ad Network detectors

We would also recommend you to download the Addons detector application on your device. This application helps you to figure out what is causing issues on your device. The addons detector will explicitly lay out the names displaying pop ads. Through this app, you can select the option to find out which app is causing advertisements on your home screen. Once that is figured out, you can easily uninstall the application from your device.

AppBrain Ad Detector

2. Use full mobile antivirus software

Android devices are often prone to malware, and this can be easily avoided by just using full mobile antivirus software. This will allow you to identify the issues on your device and figure out which applications are risky. In case you have any malicious software installed, the antiviruses uninstall it immediately. Many phone manufacturers pre-install antivirus software on their devices to avoid such issues. If your device doesn’t come with one, however, you can install the ESET mobile security and antivirus service for free. There are other alternatives, as well.

Mobile antivirus software

3. Ad blockers and pop up blockers

For desktop devices pop up blocker extensions have been around for a long time. Even for Android devices, many applications offer similar services. These will automatically prevent any pop-up ads from executing by staying active in the background. Using Ad Blockers is also one of the most amazing tactics to ensuring that you don’t get spammed by unnecessary advertisements on any app.

Ad blockers and pop up blockers

By using the above methods you can block Pop Ads on your android device. If you looking to block Ads on your Chrome then you can follow this guide.

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