NordVPN Black Friday Deals 2019 – 75% Discount Flat!

Nordvpn has been providing VPN service for the past 5 years now, from the very beginning, their service has been excellent. This has paved the way to expand their business and now they own 1177 servers in over sixty countries around the globe. Nordvpn is famous for its features such as Double VPN, onion over VPN and its state of the art encryption providing military-grade security.

Black Friday Nord VPN get 75% off

Sounds exciting right? We have prepared a detailed account of NordVPN including its Black Friday deal and the services it offers. This would assist you in making the right choice, whether or not you want the services Nordvpn has to offer.

NordVPN Black Friday Deals 2019 –  VPN @ 75% Flat Discount:

On their official website, Nordvpn has honored the cyber party by acknowledging its arrival through an excellent discount scheme. The one month plan does not have any discounts, and therefore the price remains as it was at $ 11.95 per month. The discounts are applied for the 1 year, 2 years and 3 years’ plans. The 1-year plan has a 41 % discount applied to it, therefore instead of the annual bill being $ 143.4 it is just $ 83.88.

Nord VPN pricing and plans

This is followed by the 2 years plan that provides you with an opportunity to save 58 % on the total monthly subscription. Therefore, instead of paying $ 286.80, you would be paying $ 119.76 over two years. Lastly, the biggest discount is applied to the 3 years plan; a whopping 70 % discount is applied to the total price tag. Therefore this brings down the hefty $ 425.2 price tag for 3 years to just $ 125.64 paid over three years. Thus as you can see, the 3-year plan has the best savings rates and the money can be refunded within 30 days should you be unhappy with the performance of Nordvpn.

The best part is there’s a lot of bending room when it comes to payment methods. Apart from accepting a standard visa and MasterCard credit cards, Nordvpn additionally accepts payment through PayPal and other cryptocurrencies.


Nordvpn provides military-grade encryption with its AES 256 bit encryption. Further, there is a myriad of exclusive features namely, protection from DNS or IP leaks and an automatic kill switch. Apart from these features, Nordvpn offers some additional features such as Cyebrsec and Double VPN. Nordvpn is not the ideal for streaming however that does not translate into it being unable to stream content. It is more than capable of streaming content; it’s just that some servers often return a high tick rate.

Black Friday deal 75% off

The best part is perhaps the security Nordvpn has to offer, its protection from DNS leaks through double encryption is just marvelous. The algorithm ensures that by the time a hacker has decrypted the first layer of encryption, the data packet is sent through a node. This way you are never exposed to being hacked and your information is kept safe. Lastly, I’m quite sure, most of you find ads disturbing, the Cybersec features blocks all sorts of ads from popping up on your browser.

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