How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode?

Is there any black lover out there? If yes, then it will be good news for you that WhatsApp launches its new design, which will swap its green and grey palette to midnight blue, black and green. It’s one common feature that has repeatedly come to several app platforms. Whether it is Messenger or Google Chrome or Google app, WhatsApp has also stepped into the arena and will soon introduce dark mode to its platform. The beta mode will not replace the entire features but there will be an option to switch when you like it.

Whatsapp Dark Mode – Introduction

how to enable WhatsApp dark mode

So, Beta testing has already been done to make availability of WhatsApp Dark Mode. The background is mostly of dark grey, with green accents and status of encryption policy in yellow color. At first, there were two dark modes before the beta release has arrived. One of which is the AMOLED screens and there are up to 3 variants available including black background, as suggested by the earlier APK.  Now, these black pixels have to be turned off on an AMOLED display, thus helps to reduce as much power as possible. But, you do not find this option in the beta release. There is a possibility that this option should have appeared in a future update. Being an enormously popular app, its parent company Facebook should keep it as simple as possible to evade confusion amongst users.

Steps to Enable Whatsapp Dark Mode on Android:

Once you are done with downloading the latest WhatsApp for Android Beta. Here you need to follow these simple steps to enable dark mode features.

  • Open the WhatsApp app in your device.
  • Go to the settings
  • Find “Chats” over there and tap on it.
  • After that, you will find the option
    Selecting theme in android WhatsApp
  • Now select the dark theme to enable it.

There are stacks of themes available under the new theme option. Besides that, you will get the option of Battery saver and light theme also. Only the users of Android-10 OS will get the precedence of enabling the dark mode feature. Android-9 OS or lower users do not need to be disheartened as you guys also manipulate the WhatsApp dark mode by manually setting the theme.

Steps to Enable Whatsapp Dark Mode on iOS:

Once WhatsApp Beta is updated to version using Test Flight, you just need to restart your phone and then you will notice a dark screen of WhatsApp. And most importantly, WhatsApp beta will only be available in iOs 13 and above.

To activate you need to follow these steps:

  • Join immediately, if the beta is open.
  • Test Flight should be installed on your device.
  • Go through your mail and click upon the invitation link sent by WhatsApp.
  • Then Update and launch your WhatsApp.
  • Tap on the Settings
    Setting WhatsApp dark mode on the iOS app
  • Finally, tap on chats and switch the dark mode on.

Whatsapp Dark mode on Desktop: How to get it?

Not only you get the dark mode features of WhatsApp in Android and iOs devices, but you also get this feature on desktop too. Well, dark mode on a desktop does not perfectly look quite furnished yet as emojis are quite clumsy over there, but the color will match with that of Android and iOs. Testing is not available for Chrome and Firefox, to recreate the same effect with free Plugin, named Stylus, which gives you to create other styles sheets for isolated sites.

  • You need to download the WhatsApp desktop at first.
  • Then you need to download the ZIP file and run WADark.exe or WADark.
  • Before installation, you have to run WhatsApp Desktop and finally wait to finish the entire process.
  • WhatsApp Desktop Mode is licensed under MIT License. So there is an allowance to use this app freely and modification is easy to do.


WhatsApp beta info has a discord Server about WhatsApp, where you can chat with executives and take advice. If the feature does not seem to be available for you, just go through the steps and get it to be enabled.

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