How to Use Whatsapp on iPad?

WhatsApp is an incredible app, isn’t it? But, Unfortunately!! This application is not catering to iPad users, being an iPad user we can better understand your pain. Though actively present in iPhone and Androids. If you wish to enjoy Whatsapp features on your iPad, then you have hit the right content. In this context, we will guide you through various steps with which you can have an unruffled Whatsapp chat with your friends, family, and colleagues. Whatsapp in a recent submission for ios is going through a new update called WaBetaInfo or TestFlightBetaProgram.

A Brief Information About WhatsApp:

Whatsapp on iPad

WhatsApp is considered to be one of the most popular messaging applications in the world. In the year 2013, it was estimated that 200 million active users can boost Whatsapp messenger, and by the end of 2017 Whatsapp had 1.5 billion active monthly users.

Easy ways to get WhatsApp on iPad:

There is no official WhatsApp application available for iPad, although since last year Whatsapp has recently started working on a standalone application for iPad. However, there is no granted word as to when Whatsapp might officially unveil the application. The only visible way to use Whatsapp on your iPad is through web service, significantly if you are willing to access Whatsapp on your iPad via Whatsapp Web, then there is only one way to do it and its Safari!!

Whatsapp on iPad With Whatsapp Web:

Whatsapp Web is an easy and free way to access Whatsapp on your iPad, though you won’t receive usual chat notifications it is a great way to access your immediate messages on your tablet.

Accessing Whatsapp service via Safari:

  • Step 1

Open your Safari on your iPad and click on to the search bar and type, after typing the above URL, your page will load and you will get noticed that it is not taking you to the Whatsapp interface but, redirects you to the Whatsapp home page.

Whatsapp Web

  • Step 2

Click/tap to the refresh button, right onto the website address. You will notice that after a second or two, the page is stating ‘Load desktop site’. If this option pops in tap it and waits to redirect you to another page.

  • Step 3

After getting redirected, the display of your page will become very familiar for you as the Whatsapp Web interface and will display the QR code that requires to be paired with your iPhone. By using your iPhone, click settings > tap to Whatsapp Web and scan the QR code, present on your Whatsapp. This is required to pair the two devices.

  • Step 4

Done!! Finally, you can now scroll down your chats and group conversations. After your scan the barcode with your iPad, the page should get reloaded and will display all your current and previous conversations along with voice notes and media sent and received by you.


Quite evidently, there are certain limitations that Whatsapp Web forges in, the first and foremost limitations are that you won’t be able to send any voice notes, as because the browser is not officially supported by Whatsapp. The second limitation is going to be that, unlike the services used on Mac and PC, chat notifications from Whatsapp Web will not be received for any incoming messages. Moreover, apart from a few small technical bug problems, this Whatsapp Web service is quite easy to use as a great alternative, in case a major problem arises on your iPhone.

Delivering exclusive ChatMate for iPad Whatsapp Web users:

ChatMate is an absolute divine feature that is designed with passion, integrity. ChatMate brings you an amazing experience of using Whatsapp Web on your iPad; you can just download it from the App store. ChatMate developers have come out with variably new features, those include:

User-friendly beautiful Interface:

The interface has elegant transparency that gives a dazzling effect and lets you customize by letting you choose your custom made wallpaper from images.

Always on the side:

ChatMate allows having the full support of split view and multitasking

Protects privacy:

When you’re working on your iPad Whatsapp app, you can change the setting and have privacy mode, this privacy mode helps to lock itself after a stipulated customizable idle time. This advanced model is effective because if you are working on a confidential project with your office colleagues on group chat, this privacy mode backs your secret and prevents you from getting tampered by an unknown network.

Dark Mode

The visibility of Dark Mode is brilliant, it is extremely useful when there is dimmed light around the atmosphere. If you are traveling through flight during the night, Dark Mode from ChatMate proves to be an idle element.

Push Notifications:

ChatMate recurs one of the Whatsapp Web drawbacks that is receiving notifications from new incoming messages, therefore while working on other apps on iPad you will be able to receive notifications which were restricted earlier.

Whatsapp plans for iPad:

With over more than 300 million active users recorded worldwide, Whatsapp is bringing new features in its app along with the iPad. Whatsapp is rolling out new features in the form of Beta mode and later with a stable version as soon as it arrives in the market. Following down the previous year, Whatsapp is ready to treat its 300+ million active users with exciting new functionaries in 2020.

Final Words:

We all know the fact that Whatsapp can be easily accessed on desktop; Android and iPhone, but lacks support for iPad users, this chat application cannot be accessed directly through its official application rather relying on Whatsapp Web mode. According to a statement given by WaBetaInfo, they say ‘ this problem will come to an end soon for all the active iPad users as Whatsapp is itself working hard on it.’ Though there is no official announcement made by the developers, estimation is drawn that by the mid of 2020, Whatsapp will become compatible with the iPad device.

As per the reports surveyed across the globe, approximately per day 65 billion active users send messages on Whatsapp, which stands for 29 million per minute. Whatsapp has become an inseparable element from our daily routine and we hope that through our context we have disseminated a small relief to all the iPad users.

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