Whatsapp Web video Call – Is it Possible?

Whatsapp is a dominant messaging platform available on Android and iOS. The app is also known to offer users with a PC version. The WhatsApp web version connects with your phone and mirrors the app screen. It is the easiest way to run WhatsApp on your phone. The official app for windows is also available. It is a dedicated version of the web service offering more productivity options and live notifications. The website is quite easy to use on any browser. There are multiple features to it. One of the essential functions of Whatsapp is its video call and voice call services. Today we are going to have a look if the WhatsApp web service can do video calls. This article will hope to answer your question. 

Whatsapp – A Little Intro

Whatsapp is one of the biggest messaging platforms, which is famous worldwide. The app is available on all social media platforms for free. The app is a popular freeware service that offers messaging, VoIP, and video call features. Facebook currently owns the application. They majorly run as an app-only service but are also easily accessible using the web platform. There are many WhatsApp specific devices in third world countries because of their immense popularity.

Whatsapp Web Video Calling

It is a necessity to have a mobile cellular network to use the messaging application. It is available for download on both the smartphone networks. iOS and Android devices have full support for WhatsApp. It has become the standard for connectivity all around the world. As of February 2020, Whatsapp has over 2 billion people. People who have an internet connection and a smartphone have already used the app. 

Download For iOS  Download For Android

What is Whatsapp Web?

The WhatsApp application offers its customers a few value-added services. One of these valuable services includes the WhatsApp web functionality. It is a website version of the app, which can be helpful for many. Professionals all around the world who are always on their computers love this. It is the go-to website to stay up to date with your messages. It is also the easiest way to avoid the distraction of your phone. We all appreciate this well thought out addition done by Facebook. In 2015, Whatsapp developers and Facebook announced that they are releasing a web version of the app. 

In reality, WhatsApp web is just an extension of the WhatsApp application on your PC. The website can help to make things a lot easy for workaholics. The basic requirements to use the WhatsApp web feature is to be connected to the internet on your mobile phone and scan the barcode on the website. 

Log in to your computer to try it out yourself. The platform is quite easily accessible by everyone. All you need to do is open your browser and enter the link. 

Is video call possible through WhatsApp web?

Whatsapp web can do all the tasks that your WhatsApp mobile version can do except a few. The video call feature is one of those essential features that the web version is still not compatible with. Many users and pundits speculate this is a part of the app’s mobile-first approach. Facebook, after all, already has its website offering users with PC video calls. For the sake of this guide, however, we are going to have a look at a third-party application that can help us. Android emulators are available on Windows and Mac platforms. If you have a PC that can support an emulator, then we can run the WhatsApp app for Android. This will help us to make video calls from PC devices. Officially WhatsApp web still won’t be able to make video calls. This is always a nice trick that you can have up your sleeve. 

Android Emulators:

Android Emulators are the right way of running apps on your PC. Through an emulator, one can download and install smartphone-only apps. This is quite useful for people who love to play Android games. In our case, it can be essential for online messaging and communication. Here are some of the most popular Android emulators which can be downloaded for use with WhatsApp. 

  • Bluestacks
  • Nox Player
  • MEmu

All these emulators are more than capable of running the WhatsApp application on your desktop. Stick around to check how you can use it for your device.

How to do a Video Call from WhatsApp using PC?

As mentioned earlier, it is impossible to video call using the WhatsApp web version. However, we can use the android emulators to turn our desktop into a video calling platform for WhatsApp. This is a little bit too overboard of a method. After you sign up for WhatsApp on your PC, you will not be able to use WhatsApp on your phone. The WhatsApp application can be used with the same number only on one device. 

Follow this guide to begin with the process. 

  • First off, we have to download an android emulator on our windows or mac device. This will form the core of the procedure. We have already provided our recommendations above. For this tutorial, we are going to use the bluestacks emulator. Download it by visiting the link – https://www.bluestacks.com/. On the homepage itself, you will find the download button. 
  • After the download is finished, install the application on your device. This shouldn’t take a lot of time, depending on your internet connection. 
  • Head over to the play store in the bluestacks software. Since it is your first time using the app, you will be required to enter your google account details. Sign in and then browse through the store. 
  • Search for Whatsapp on the google play store. Install the app on the bluestacks emulator and easily enjoy video call services on PC. 


The conclusion to this guide is that the WhatsApp web is a fantastic platform. However, it is not capable of doing video calls. Users can efficiently run the WhatsApp web version to send text messages, voice notes, images, and other media. The alternative to using WhatsApp web is the bluestacks app. The android emulator helps users to run native apps and enjoy all features on PC. We, however, don’t recommend this to our users because it would void WhatsApp on smartphones. You will not be able to send and receive texts on your smartphone if you sign up through the emulator. 

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